#31 Days of Halloween

Boo Pumpkins

“turn out your lights…pull down the shade…draw the drapes…cuddle up in your favorite spot by the telly, for today’s tale of terror!” – Sir Graves Ghastly

Happy Ghost Hunting Day!

While you are hunting ghosts today, don’t forget to plan your horror viewing for the next #31 days of Halloween. I love this time of the year and especially all the scary movies and shows. I think my love of horror movies began as a child when I would watch Sir Graves Ghastly every Saturday afternoon. If you are not familiar with the program, it aired on Channel 2 in Detroit and showed old scary movies hosted by a tongue in cheek vampire named Sir Graves Ghastly and his merry band of weird co-stars. My favorite was the singing skull.

It now seems kind of kitschy but I remember watching movies like: The Mummy, Dracula, and The Skull along with viewer mail, birthday announcements and the funny skits. You always need to have some laughter along with the scare. My love of horror films began with Sir Ghastly Graves and not the blood & guts slasher films but films with suspense, terror, chills and monsters that scare the bejeebers out of you. It only seems right to plan my viewing schedule for #31 days of Halloween, the best holiday of the year. This year I picked classics, paranormal shows, old-time films, comedies, animated films, some slashers and finally horror films that I have never seen. This is an exciting time.

Please join me in my 31 days of Halloween.

Sat   Oct 1:  9 PM The Crooked Man & 11 PM Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber (SYFY)

Sun  Oct 2:  7 PM Texas Chainsaw Massacre/ The Beginning (2006) & 9 PM The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) (SYFY)

Mon Oct 3: 8 PM Ghost Encounters (Destination America) & 9:15 PM Skeleton Key (Starz)

Tues Oct 4: The Babadock (Netflix)

Wed  Oct 5:  9 PM Ghost Hunters & 10 PM Paranormal Witness (SYFY)

Thur Oct 6:  9 PM Wrong Turn (SYFY)

Fri  Oct 7:   American Horror Story (OnDemand) & 10 PM World’s Scariest Ghosts Caught on Tape& 11 PM America’s Haunted Houses (Destination America)

Sat  Oct 8: Hush (2016) (Netflix)

Sun Oct 9:  6 PM Cujo & 8 PM Carrie (1976) (AMC)

Mon Oct 10: Room 237 (Netflix)

Tues  Oct 11: 9 PM Channel Zero: Candle Cove (SYFY)

Wed Oct 12: 9 PM Ghost Hunters & 10 PM Paranormal Witness (SYFY)

Thurs Oct 13: 7 PM Halloween (Rob Zombie 2007) (AMC) & Let Us Pray (Netflix)

Fri  Oct 14: American Horror Story (OnDemand) & Marathon of Exorcist TV show (OnDemand) & 9 PM Exorcist (FOX)

Sat  Oct 15: 5 PM A Nightmare on Elm Street (AMC) & The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) (Netflix)

Sun Oct 16: A Girl Walks Home at Night (Netflix)

Mon Oct 17: 8 PM Horror Hotel (1960) & 9:30 PM Horror Express (1972) & 11:15 PM The House that Dripped Blood (1970) (TCM)

Tues Oct 18: 10 PM Channel Zero (SYFY)

Wed Oct 19: 9 PM Ghost Hunters & 10 PM Paranormal Witness (SYFY)

Thur Oct 20: 6:40 PM The Addams Family & 8:50 PM The Addams Family Values (Freeform)

Fri Oct 21:  American Horror Story (OnDemand) & The Legend of Sleep Hollow (Disney) (Online) & 8:20 Sleep Hollow (Freeform)

Sat Oct 22: 9 PM Monsters University & 11:30 Toy Story of Terror (Freeform)

Sun Oct 23: Creep (Netflix)

Mon Oct 24: 8:50 PM Hocus Pocus (Freeform)

Tues Oct 25: 10 PM Channel Zero (SYFY)

Wed Oct 26:  9 PM Ghost Hunters & 10 PM Paranormal Witness (SYFY)

Thur Oct 27: The Nightmare Before Christmas & Corpse Bride (DVD)

Fri Oct 28: 8 PM Paranormal Lockdown Halloween Special (Destination America)

Sat Oct 29: We are Still Here (Netflix) &9 PM The Night Before Halloween (SYFY)

Sun Oct 30: 8 PM Young Frankenstein (TCM: Horror Comedies), 10 PM Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein (TCM) & The Exorcist (1973) (Netflix)

Mon Oct 31: Happy Halloween!

11:15 AM The House of Wax(1953) (TCM) & Halloween (1978) Halloween II (1981) (DVD)

Skeleton Frolic (1937 Cartoon) by DemonPreyer1


Here are some links to different TV Channels that are planning special Halloween programming:

SYFY: 31 Days of Halloween

Freeform: 13 Nights of Halloween

AMC: Fear Fest 2016

TCM: Monster of the Month:Frankenstein & Star of the Month: Christopher Lee

Destination America: Ghostober

To watch some classic Halloween animated cartoons online

I am also scheduling these shows for my DVR: Halloween Wars (Food Network), Bloody Marys (ID), Ash vs Dead (Starz),  and Scream Queens (FOX).

Also if interested in ghost hunting today, check out this website celebrating National Ghost Hunting Day (Live Streaming begins at 10 PM EST October 1st) and use the hashtag #MyGhostHunt on any social media to connect with other ghost hunters.

What are you planning on watching this Halloween Season. Let me know in the comments and Happy Ghost Hunting!

xoxo Christine


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